Since 2012, I have been working at Wikia as an Interaction and Visual Designer for native mobile apps (iOS and Android) and desktop products. Wikia has a collaboration platform product that is being used by over 130 million unique users monthly. Changing anything in a product with such a massive scale is a delicate and long-term process.  I am lucky to be part of the super-talented team that is constantly working on improving that product.

I was responsible for re-designing multiple parts of the product - the grid, typography, layout, and interactions. On top of that, I was maintaining our iconography to keep it consistent and up to date, while documenting it all in the Style Guide. All of this work was done as a team player, collaborating and gathering feedback from my colleagues.


SOME of wikia projects

text Editor

As a part of one of our biggest redesigns, one of my tasks was to improve functionality and tighten the visual language of the existing Visual Text Editor. It was important to make sure our editor worked visually with an array of dark and light colors, since it automatically matches the user generated color scheme of each individual wiki. Furthermore, editing text is a crucial part of our product, so this aspect had to be very carefully crafted.

Tools, options and features were placed accordingly for user testing and events tracking, where unimportant and unused elements were deemphasized or removed entirely.

Very satisfying job. 

Curation Tool

One of the projects I was involved in was to create a tool for our Marketing Team that allows them to program hub content for Our previous tool required everything to be entered manually and was very unforgiving. Now some data can be automatically pre-populated,

adding and changing content is very easy, and the system of notifications is reacting to errors, helping to keep desired quality of the content.

It's a good feeling to help people focus on the important things.


Another ones of my roles at Wikia is taking care of icons used across our product on mobile, web, desktop and in our native apps in order to maintain the heavily customizable environment. I love creating icons and have been drawing them pixel-by-pixel since 2005. 



...and in the meantime I found some markers lying around so I left something on the office wall :)