The set was created for Pan Tu Nie Stal and was supposed to present the spirit of the housing estate 
on a cold, winter day. The details were unspecified and I was free to decide. It was enough for me to look through the window to know what to draw. Good morning, inspiration! I've been expecting you.

You can buy it on-line here: Pan Tu Nie Stal 


These are my paper folding toys. The majority of them (except for no 1 and 6) have been designed as postcards which you can buy and fold, or send to somebody. If you have already purchased one of the toys and have some difficulties in folding them, you can download the instruction which will help you succeed. If you would like to buy any of the toys, you can find the addresses of shops which have the assortment of those at the bottom of the site. 

There are going to be more addresses added to that list soon, so keep your ear to the ground. You'd better hurry, the toys have been released in a limited edition!!

You can buy them on-line on DaWanda Store


Pan Tu Nie Stal asked me to design a stick man for the childrens' workshops that they organized. During 
the workshops, children along with their parents glued the plain version of the stick man together, painted it and stuck some stickers, designed by Maciek Blazniak, onto it. Reportedly, it was quite cool! 

To show their gratitude, PTNS offered me to print some new colour. I was happy to do so and that's how Franek, the stick man, came into being.

Robo Kids

The toys were designed in a way that a child can fold it, supervised by the parent. Each toy has the extra toy of its own and is equipped with a secret valve flap, hiding its heart.


That curious kind of a bird was designed for my friend, who wanted to have some fancy table decoration for the Thanksgiving dinner. The decoration was supposed to be big and funny, so along with that concept there came a combination of the Indian Turkey and the American Indian.


A paper figurine of Robotata, designed especially for you. Print it, fold it, smile. The toy is perfect to be put on a shelf. It goes well even with the picture of your grandma.

You can download .pdf file here and assemble it for FREE and here is the manual