This game was a massive order that called for drawing all of the visual elements and creating the animations for fifteen games. These games were the crucial part of a contest in which you could win a trip around the world. The idea of the contest was to visit a sponsored website, choose 18 capitals on the map, and then play games and quizzes related to that specific location. The game's engines, interfaces, and audio were provided by GONG agency.

My task was to design the respective graphics, animate the movable elements, and draw a static banner for each capital city. I also provided the main map of the game, along with a pair of tourists who were used as the key identification subjects of the contest.

Gameplay Videos



In 2011 GONG asked me to create a visual concept and design of an iPhone game. The idea for the game itself was already decided and I was handed over a well-prepared draft that I used as a starting point. As usual, it was great to work with these guys.  



One day in 2012 I was asked to design a browser soccer game, but not just any soccer game. In some areas of the world it's popular to create a track on the sand, concrete, or wherever else works, and race on it with friends using metal bottle caps. That was still the main idea for this game, but instead of a few friends from the block, you can compete against the whole Internet! With that kind of playing field, it became quite a successful game.


If you ever wanted to see how it would look if you combined the classic game of Minesweeper and forest creatures who are crazy for nuts, look no further. I was very happy to create this game's visual concept, UI elements, characters and... everything else!